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Available Jobs

Respite Provider

As a Respite Provider at Bright Futures, you'll provide essential support to families, offering expert child care and temporary relief. Your dedication and adaptability will ensure children are nurtured in a safe, comfortable environment.

CFASS Provider

As a CFASS provider, you'll provide services which are intended to assist the child/youth, family/caregiver, and collateral contacts in understanding and addressing the participant's needs related to their disabilities).

PreVoc Provider

As a PreVoc provider, you'll teach skills to prepare a youth (age 14 or older) to engage in paid work, volunteer work, or career exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Explore our range of personalized HCBS services, each backed by our dedicated staff leasing agency. We provide skilled professionals to empower your child with essential life skills, from emotional awareness to problem-solving, igniting their potential for success.

What does a Provider do?

Our providers provide Respite or CaregiverFamily Supports Services. This is a social emotional program where the provider helps the child with their goals through different modalities. We love onboarding providers with unique skillsets and backgrounds so that you can be matched to cases where your interests can be used to help the child with their goals!

What types of children will I work with?

The program we staff is for children with mental health struggles or who are medically fragile. They need extra help and support to help them thrive.

What times would I be working?

This program is designed to provide support for children outside of school hours. We have cases available on weekends or during the afternoon/evening. When you apply, you tell us what your hours of availability are.

Where are the cases? Where do I meet the child?

We are helping children across the FiveTowns, Brooklyn, Queens and beyond. You work with the child one on one at their house or in the community (i.e. a nearby park or library).

What do you pay?

$25/hr for providers with a HS diploma
$50/hr for providers with a BA and 2 years experience working with children.

I am a parent and have someone who helps me with my children already. Can they be a provider for my child?

We are always happy for you to use providers that you already have a relationship with. Please let us know and we can onboard them as your child’s service provider. They will need to be cleared, fingerprinted and receive training. Please note, blood relatives may not be providers.

Are your services the same as the Board of Education's services?

No, our services are different from Board of Education services. We do not provide OT, PT, Speech, SEIT, SI, Counseling or SETSS services. Our providers give home and community based services which are different. If you receive our services you will not lose your school-based services. Our team will need a copy of your child’s IEP or 504 plan to have on file.

What do you pay?

$25/hr for providers with a HS diploma$50/hr for providers with a BA and 2 years experience working with children.

How long do these services last for?

Once you are enrolled, your child will receive Care Management services for a year. After a year, your care manager will ask if you want to continue services for the next year. If you are interested in continuing, they will then help you reapply yearly. HCBS services are typically approved for a six month period. Based on your child’s progress at the end of the six months, they may be eligible to continue for another six month period. The services are reevaluated every six months.

Can services be provided remotely?

No, all services must be provided in person.

How do I start?

Email us or call us to start the intake process or to find out more information! Our team will help you every step of the way.

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