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Does my child need to have Medicaid to be approved for your services?

Yes, this program is funded directly through Medicaid.

What if my child does not have Medicaid?

We can assist you in applying through your local Medicaid office, where they will determine HCBS eligibility based on the needs of your child. If eligible, your child will receive a Medicaid plan to receive HCBS services. This will affect their Marketplace insurance (if applicable). Private insurance through an employer will not be affected. You may choose to enroll in Health Home and receive a Care Manager after being approved for HCBS but you are not required to do so when going through this route. Please call our office for more information regarding the process.

Does my child need to have a diagnosis to receive services?

Your child will need to meet with a social worker or other licensed mental health professional who will determine if your child is eligible for our program. If your child has a formal diagnosis, then a designated social worker will review documentation from your provider and use that to determine eligibility.

What is the process like to get approved?

First, someone at our office will take down some basic demographic information about your child. Our intake team will reach out to you to sign consent forms and collect supporting documentation. Once all consents and supporting documents are received and reviewed, we will submit your application to Yeled V’Yalda.

Enrollment takes around a week from submission. You will then be assigned a care manager who will call to schedule a first visit. The care manager will collect information about the member through discussions and assessments and create a plan to provide support and connect the member to community resources. If applicable, the care manager will refer the member for HCBS services.

What is the role of a care manager?

The care manager is there to provide support, connect the member and his/her caregivers with community resources and other services.

I have someone who helps me with my children already. Can they be my provider?

We are always happy for you to use providers that you already have a relationship with. Please let us know and we can onboard them as your child’s service provider. They will need to be cleared, fingerprinted and receive training through us. Please note, blood relatives may not be providers.

My child gets services through their school. Will they lose these services?

No, our services are different from Board of Education services. We do not provide OT, PT, Speech, SEIT, SI, Counseling or SETSS services. Our providers give home and community based services which are different. If you receive our services you will not lose your school-based services. Our team will need a copy of your child’s IEP or 504 plan to have on file.

How long do these services last for?

Once you are enrolled, your child will receive Care Management services for a year. After a year, your care manager will ask if you want to continue services for the next year. If you are interested in continuing, they will then help you reapply yearly. HCBS services are typically approved for a six month period. Based on your child’s progress at the end of the six months, they may be eligible to continue for another six month period. The services are reevaluated every six months.

Can services be done remotely?

No, all services must be provided in person.

How do I start?

Email us or call us to start the intake process or to find out more information! Our team will help you every step of the way.

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